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photo to fashion

Photo to fashion, an exhibition for the Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam.

photo to fashion

photo to fashion

For the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam Jos (NB) designed with Theun Mosk the exhibition Mattijs Bergen - Photo to Fashion. Dutch fashion designer Matthijs van Bergen designed a new collection inspired by the iconic black-and-white photography from the museum archives. This fashion collection was then photographed by three Dutch fashion photographers, Sacha van Dorssen, Wendelien Daan and the duo Petrovsky & Ramone.

The exhibition begins with a blank space. In this space you're surrounded by colored fluorescent's. Through a pitch black hole at the end of the space you enter a dark corridor. Stripped from color, here the work of Mattijs van Bergen is shown on sixteen mannequins. The corridor runs around a pink central space where the work of the three photographers is on display.


type  Exhibition Design
client  Nederlands Fotomuseum
location  Rotterdam, The Netherlands
team  Jos (NB) with Theun Mosk
photography  Pieter Kers

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