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bright minds expedition

Bright Minds Expedition / Expeditie Knappe Koppen, an exhibition for the Maritiem Museum Rotterdam.

bright minds expedition

bright minds expedition

The exhibition Bright Minds Expedition, designed in collaboration with Theun Mosk, revolves around four scientists who took advantage of the VOC to increase their knowledge. Dutch astronaut André Kuipers reflects on their stories as a contemporary explorer.

The floorpan of the exhibition is intended for the visitor to discover. From the entrance a funnel leads to a central showcase. From here the surrounding spaces remain mostly hidden. Only small parts are visible, inter alia, through showcases with ship models in the walls separating them from the main space.


type  Exhibition Design
client  Maritiem museum
location  Rotterdam, The Netherlands
team  Jos and Johan (NB) with Theun Mosk
photography  Pieter Kers

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