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Als we in woorden voelen

Als we in woorden voelen, a poetical VR installation for the Literatuurmuseum in Den Haag.

als we in woorden voelen

als we in woorden voelen

Als we in woorden voelen is a poetic virtual reality experience created by poet Micha Hamel and artist Damien Albers. NB designed the spatial and graphical context for this installation.

Upon entering the room is brightly lit by two large led panels. A black line divides the space in two. After removing the glasses, the room is dark. Natural light seeps in through pierced holes forming a circle. The outside world penetrates the space as a counterpart of the closed off world of virtual poetry.

The focus of the stool lies on accessibility and freedom of movement. Resulting in a modest form using identifiable non-high-tech materials. 


type  VR Installation Design
client  Literatuurmuseum Den Haag
location  The Hague, The Netherlands
team  Johan and Jos (NB) with Studio Apvis
photography  Pieter Kers

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