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moscow design museum

Moscow Design Museum, a visual identity.

moscow design museum

moscow design museum

The story of the Moscow Design Museum is one that differs from all other art institutions. First off it's the first design museum in Russia, ever. On top of that they started out as a pop-up museum on wheels instead of descending in a conventional museum building, with the beautiful purpose of being highly accessible for all of their audience; all layers of society.

The visual identity design is based on the pattern used in traditional Russian crystal glass; well-known heritage from Russian design history. This crystal glass is recognised by basically all Russians, which is of upmost importance for the design to relate to this audience. The black and white geometric shapes derived from the pattern form the basis for an easy to apply and recognisable, dynamic visual identity.


type Visual Identity Design
client Moscow Design Museum
location Moscow, Russia
made by Johan (NB) at Lava Design

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